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The skull, a timeless symbol of life and death, is magnified here in a meticulously detailed design, capturing every nuance and curve to give it a striking and haunting look. This Sterling Silver ring has been designed with exquisite attention to detail, emphasizing the dark and enigmatic aesthetic that will appeal to daring minds hungry for alternative elegance.

Be ready to arouse admiration and fascinated looks with this darkly charming ring, which perfectly reflects the very essence of Gothic, while being a tribute to the art of Parisian craftsmanship. Don't wait any longer to add this exclusive piece to your collection, available only on our online sales site.

Being handcrafted, each piece will have its own personal touch, making each ring even more unique.


  • Sterling Silver

  • We accept returns for any size changes.



    Maintaining silver can be done with a cloth which we recommend that you rub gently on the jewelry in order to re-polish it.

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