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This piece features a realistic scorpion, made with finesse and precision, holding a diamond in its pincers as well as three calibrated ones on its tail. Crafted in white gold, this piece of jewelry embodies elegance and sophistication.

The scorpion, a symbol of strength and protection, is beautifully sculpted to capture its majestic allure and captivating nature. Its delicate claws grip the brilliant diamond tightly, evoking the power and determination of this iconic creature.

On its tail, three calibrated ones are skillfully arranged, adding an additional touch of refinement to this exceptional ring. Every detail is carefully crafted to express the natural beauty of the scorpion, while enhancing the precious character of white gold.

Scorpion II

    • 750 white gold
    • Diamonds
  • We accept returns for any size changes



    Maintaining silver can be done with a cloth which we recommend that you rub gently on the jewelry in order to re-polish it.

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