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This iconic piece embodies the quintessence of our brand, combining the fascination with the spider with an aesthetic that is both modern and mysterious.

Every detail of this ring is meticulously crafted to give the spider a mirror-polished look, reflecting light and captivating the eye with dazzling brilliance. Its artistic and realistic shape creates the perfect illusion of a moving spider, thus offering a touch of life and dynamism to this jewel.

This ring symbolizes our passion for originality and boldness, with the spider as the central figure, representing wisdom, creativity and transformation. It is the expression of a contemporary and intriguing aesthetic, a true fusion between elegance and the mysterious essence of nature. Embrace the power of transformation with our bestseller, a magnetic and timeless piece.


  • We accept returns for any size changes.



    Maintaining silver can be done with a cloth that we recommend rubbing on the jewelry to re-polish it.

  • Sterling Silver
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