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Inspired by the hidden wonders of the abyss, this ring captivates eyes with its original design.

The lantern fish, this fascinating deep-sea creature, is painstakingly depicted down to the smallest detail. Her sparkling eyes are highlighted by colorful opals, seeming to emit a mystical glow in the abyssal darkness. The "lantern" of the fish is enhanced by an authentic oyster pearl, bringing a pearly and magical touch to the whole.

This Sterling Silverr ring embodies the life of the sea creature, which seems ready to attack its prey. It is a true testimony to the fusion between art and nature, celebrating the beauty of the unexplored depths of the ocean.


  • We accept returns for any size changes.



    Maintaining silver can be done with a cloth which we recommend that you rub gently on the jewelry in order to re-polish it.

  • Sterling Silver


    Oyster pearl

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