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Unique jewelry for a unique style


“transcend normality”

It was in 2020 that I created Parisian Coma.
Graduated with a BMA in jewelry at the prestigious Boulle school in Paris, I am officially launching the brand in 2022, in order to introduce the world to jewelry as we have never seen it before.
Inspired by nature and the Gothic style, Parisian Coma aims to challenge the principles of the norm in which society tends to blend, in order to offer a completely new vision of creation through jewelry.




                             Rafael Anaguastopoulos



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La Mandragore
45 Rue Saint Placide 75006 Paris 

121 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Antoine Paris 

238 Rue des Pyrénées


9 Rue Saint Merry 75004 Paris

La male D'Effeenne

22 Rue Saint Paul 75004 Paris 

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